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We are a group of individuals with a wide range of experience in the NGO, Social Enterprise and SME sectors who have seen too many amazing organisations fail to reach their potential, or stumble at hurdles created by the uneasy growth process and lack of margins for internal development.


We are committed to supporting our partners find sustainability and grow. We work collaboratively to deliver impactful programmes and build local organisational capacity, strength and resilience.

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Programme Design & Delivery

We have extensive experience in programme design and delivery and focus on sustainable, strategic programmes that deliver on partners desired impact areas.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Our team has an extensive network of stakeholders and potential partners and is also able to design bespoke stakeholder engagement strategies.

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Capacity Support

Our team is able to provide fundraising, project management, research, accountancy and legal support for organisations not interested or able to add these services to their full time staff.

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Strategy Clarification

We work with partners to identify and design strategies for sustainability, impact and scaling.

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Resource Creation

We work together with partners to identify and create strategic relationships that result in funding and other support. We can develop the resources to support both funding and training programmes.

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Networking & Partnerships

We believe partnership is the key to sustainability and are able to facilitate networking and partnerships. 

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